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The benefits of lime on your paddock have been long proven. Lime will correct soil acidity, improve fertilizer efficiency, improve micro-organism activity and soil structure and promote organic decay. Major plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, calcium, manganese and the trace element molybdenum may not be available or plentiful enough in acid soils. This lack of nutrients can lead to plants showing deficiency symptoms. 

Liming is an economical method of altering soil acidity, and we recommend soil testing of your paddocks to ensure your time and money are well spent. Lime is a natural and therefore environmentally friendly product. 
Lime Products:
Superfine AgLime: 87% finer than 300 micron or 0.3 mm 

Below is a summary of lime tested recently:
Calcium (Ca%)
37.02 Level Found
36 - 39 Ideal %
Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3%)
92.44 Level Found
90 – 98 Ideal %
In terms of CaCO3
93 Level Found
90 - 100 Ideal %
88 Level Found
65 - 80 Ideal % 
As proven in attached laboratory tests:

• This is a high-calcium lime, indicated by the high calcium carbonate percentage.
• It is considered very high-quality and ideal for use as a soil amendment.

AgLime: Large percentage passing through 0.8 mm screen

4 mm minus: Ideal for rectifying acid levels for activities as carried out by coal mines and tea tree farms
Test Result 1 Lab Test 1 Lab Test 2
Stockfeed Supplements: Lime can be supplied for any of your stockfeed requirements. Our lime has a calcium availability of 40%. 
Grit: Ideal for poultry and mixing with feed to provide a high dose of calcium, perfect for egg laying operations. The grit can be processed to suit your operation.

FineLime: Suitable for lick blocks and pellets or just as an additive to your specific requirements. Can be crushed to your specifications.
All of our products are available either by weighbridge bulk loads or by the 
1 tonne bag.   

We recommend advice should be sought from your animal nutritionist before commencing a new feeding regime.
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